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Our Menu

Fresh food and delicious recipes.



  • Baked Avocados


    Our bestseller! Ripe Avocados stuffed with pico de gallo, muenster cheese, and bread crumbs. Roasted in the oven and topped with cilantro aioli and fresh cilantro.

  • AMAÍZing Nachos


    Crisp house made tortilla chips piled high and loaded with black beans, muenster cheese, pico de gallo, smoked corn, and cilantro.

    — add Carnitas Pork, Beef, Barbacoa or Chicken. $2.00
  • Sweet Potato Cakes


    AMAIZing vegetarian favorite. Three grilled cakes made with sweet potato, black beans, smoked corn and cilantro.  Topped with cilantro aioli and fresh cilantro.

  • Queso Fundido


    The perfect start to your meal! A sizzling platter layered with refried beans, house made chorizo, and a generous portion of muenster cheese. Topped with fresh pico de gallo and your choice of tortillas.

  • Ultimate Queso Fundido


    A larger portion of our popular Queso Fundido with layers of refried beans, house made chorizo, diced peppers, onions, and jalapenos. Topped with pico de gallo. Served with choice tortilla.

  • Mini Carnitas Tostadas


    Three crispy tostadas topped with our famous carnitas pork, queso fresco, cilantro and pickled onion.

  • Mini Avocado Tostadas


    Three crispy tostadas topped with chunks of avocado, smoked corn, black bean, pico de gallo, queso fresco and cilantro.

  • Mini Tinga Tostadas


    Three crispy tostadas topped with our tinga spiced shredded chicken, queso fresco, diced onion, and fresh cilantro.

  • Mini Tostadas Sampler


    Try one of each MAIZ mini tostadas together one plate. No substitutions.

  • Roasted Jalapenos


    Our unique open faced jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and house made chorizo topped with bread crumbs, roasted until golden brown and then drizzled with our chipotle cream sauce. One of our most craveable items.


  • Guacamole


    Made fresh all day with ripe avocado, tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro and lime.

  • Black and White Dip


    A bowl with our house made black beans baked in the oven with a layer of melted muenster, topped with pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.

Fresh Salads

Dressing choices: Chipotle Cream, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mustard Vinaigrette, Cilantro Honey Lime.

  • House Salad


    Romaine-Iceberg blend. house pickled onions. smoked corn. and queso fresco.

  • Taco Salad


    Finely chopped Romaine-Iceberg blend, choice of seasoned ground beef, grilled chicken breast, or shredded tinga chicken, topped with black bean and corn salsa, muenster cheese, pico de gallo, chipotle cream, and sour cream, and cilantro. Served in a crisp fried flour tortilla bowl.

  • Mango Salad


    Baby greens mix topped with smoked corn, tomato, mango salsa, grilled pineapple with choice of grilled chicken or blackened tilapia.

  • Fajita Salad


    Romaine-Iceberg blend topped with grilled peppers and onions, radish, avocado, pico de gallo and queso fresco. Choice of grilled chicken or steak.

  • Baja Cobb


    Baby greens mix topped with grilled marinated chicken, bacon, avacado, queso fresco, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, red onion and cilantro.

  • Grilled Shrimp Salad


    Skewer of honey lime marinated grilled jumbo shrimp, on a bed of mixed baby greens, red onion, sliced avocado, black bean, grilled corn, and lime. Recommended with Cilantro Honey Lime dressing.

  • Fiesta Chipotle Salmon Salad


    Spring mix topped with a fresh filet of salmon topped with housemade chipotle and broiled, sliced avocado, veggie quinoa mix, mango salsa, and cilantro.

Homemade Sopas

  • Pozole


    A traditional Mexican soup made with chilies and chicken broth, hominy, and chicken.

  • Pozole Entree


    Our house made pozole served in a large bowl, with tostada crisps, diced onion, radish, lettuce, lime, and oregano.

  • Soup of the Day


    Many of our daily soup are vegetarian. Please ask your server.

The Taco Stand

(A la carta single tacos $3.00) Includes three of the same tacos with your choice of tortilla (soft corn, soft flour, or crunchy corn) and two side dishes (refried beans, black beans, rice, street corn, or spicy slaw).

  • Our Award Winning Carnitas Tacos


    Delicious pork braised in house with oranges, onion, beer, and tequila then shredded and topped with onion, cilantro and grilled pineapple.

  • American Style Tacos


    Ground beef or seasoned grilled diced chicken, topped with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes.

  • Tacos de Papas


    Our savory house made roasted vegetarian hash with Yukon potatoes, peppers, onions, tomato and zucchini. Topped with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle cream.

  • Spicy! Chicken Fresco Tacos


    Grilled diced seasoned chicken, topped with spicy house made slaw, mango salsa, fresh cilantro and a drizzle of habenero-garlic sauce and crema. This one’s hot!

  • Carne Asada Tacos


    Marinated tender steak topped with onion, cilantro, and salsa verde on the side. A real authentic treat!

  • Fish Tacos


    Flaky cod battered in Dos XX’s beer batter to order. Topped with our fresh mango salsa, spicy slaw and chipotle cream.

  • Our Award Winning Fried Avocado Tacos


    You've never had anything like this! Slices of avocado dusted in corn meal, flour, and sesame seeds, then pan-fried. Topped with tangy slaw, cilantro aioli, fresh cilantro, and spicy seasoning.

  • Tinga Chicken Taco


    Our Chipotle spiced shredded chicken, topped with diced onion, queso fresco, fresh cilantro and creama.

  • Spicy Barbacoa Taco


    House made shredded beef with a tangy spice, topped with grilled pineapple, cilantro and a mix of diced onion, peppers, and jalapeños.

  • Taco Meal Combo


    choice of any three of MAIZ's famous tacos, and then choose two sides.


    $3.00 per item

    • Tamales
    • Taco
    • Enchilada


  • Refried Beans

  • Black Beans

  • Street Corn

  • Spicy Slaw

  • Rice

  • Quinoa Mix

    add $1.00


Includes three enchiladas, rice and refried beans. Choose your Style:

  • Enchiladas


    Includes three enchiladas, rice and refried beans. Choose your Style - 1. Rojas: Traditional red sauce made with fresh fire roasted tomatoes with a hint of spice. Topped with lettuce. tomato. and cilantro. 2. Verde: House specialty traditional green sauce made by boiling fresh tomatillos. jalapenos and lime. Topped with tomato. queso fresco. crema and cilantro. Choose your type, pick one -

    • Cheese and Onion
    • Black Bean and Smoked Corn
    • Spinach and Mushroom
    • Camitas Pork
    • Ground Beef
    • Potato Zucchini Hash
    • Tinga Chicken
    Enchilad Combo - choose any three proteins from the seven listed above, rojas or verde sauce, and two sides from the five listed above. $11.99

  • Enchilada Combo


    Choose any three proteins from the seven listed above, rojas or verde sauce, and two sides from the five listed above.

  • Add Ons


    • Crema (Sour Cream) $1.00
    • Side Guacamole (2oz) $1.75
    • Sliced Avocado $1.50
    • Rice and Beans $2.79
    • House pickled Jalapenos $1.50
    • Rice $1.49
    • Street Corn $1.79
    • Tortillas $1.00
    • Pico de Gallo $1.50
    • Lettuce, Tomato, or Onion $0.50
    • Chips and Salsa ToGo $2.50
    • Beans (Black or Refried) $1.49
    • Spicy Slaw $1.79
    • Cilantro Aioli $1.00
    • Mango Salsa $1.50
    • Chipotle Cream $1.00
    • Shrimp (4) $5.99
    • Double protein $4.00 (does not apply to Steak or Seafood)
    • Rojas or Verde Salsa $0.75
    • Shredded Queso (Muenster or Fresco) - $1.00
    • Side of Potato Hash $2.99
    • Grilled Chicken Breast $2.99
    • Bacon $1.75
    • Apple Sauce $1.25

Just For Kids

Join us for Kids Eat Free Sundays. Up to 2 kids meals per adult entree purchased. 10 years and under please. Served with soft drink or juice and choice of one, rice. beans. or apple sauce.

  • Cheese Quesadilla


  • Bean and Cheese Quesadilla


  • Two Tacos


    with beef or chicken topped with cheese

  • Arroz con Pollo


    chicken with rice

  • Chicken Fingers


  • Kid's scoop of ice cream


AMAIZing Burritos

  • AMAIZing Burritos


    Fresh flour tortilla stuffed with rice and cheese and topped with lettuce and tomato. Build your own giant burrito plus your additional preferences:

    1. Choose your filling: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Potato-zucchini hash, spinach and mushroom (substitute steak or shrimp add $2.00)
    2. Choose your beans Black or Refried
    3. Choose your sauce inside, Rojas, Verde, or Mama's hot sauce
    4. Add: Fajita Veggies or Spicy Diced Mix -$1.00
    5. Make it a wet burrito: Covered in muenster cheese and rojas sauce, baked in the oven and topped with lettuce, tomato and sour cream. add $1.00

Specialty Burritos

No Substitutions

  • California Club Burrito


    Black Beans. rice. cheese. grilled chicken. bacon. diced onion. covered in cheese and rojas sauce and baked in the oven. Topped with lettuce. tomato. crema. and sLiced avocado.

  • Spicy! Steak Fajita Burrito


    Marinated tender steak. refried beans. rice. cheese. grilled peppers and onions. spicy mama's sauce. covered in cheese and verde sauce and baked in the oven. Topped wrth lettuce. tomato. crema and guacamole.

  • Big Barbacoa


    refried beans, rice, cheese, diced grilled peppers, onions, and jalapenos, shredded beef barbacoa, and potato hash. Covered in cheese and rojas sauce and baked in the oven. Topped with lettuce, tomato, crema, and sliced avocado.

  • Ultimate Veggie Burrito


    Black beans, rice, cheese, potato-zuchinni hash, sauteed spinach, roasted mushrooms, and corn, covered in cheese, rojas sauce and baked in the oven. Topped with lettuce, tomato, crema, and sliced avocado.

Grande Quesadilla

Best Around! - A huge fresh flour tortilla stuffed with grilled peppers and onions, a generous amount of muenster cheese, ripe avocado and topped with our famous cilantro aioli and fresh cilantro. Served with pico de gallo.

  • Plain Cheese


    No peppers, onions, or avocados.

  • Vegetarian


    Choose from our house made black bean and smoked corn salsa or spinach and roasted mushroom. The black bean corn is a huge favorite.

  • Classic Grande Quesadilla


    Choose our famous carnitas pork, seasoned ground beef, or tinga spiced shredded chicken.

    substitue Steak, Tilapia, or Shrimp - $2.00


A sizzling platter of onions and tri-colored peppers with your choice of meat, rice, beans, guacamole salad, pico de gallo, muenster cheese, sour cream and choice of tortillas.

  • Vegetarian Fajitas for One


  • Chicken Fajitas for One


  • Hawaiian Fajitas for One


  • Steak Fajitas for One


  • Shrimp Fajitas for One


  • Mixed Fajitas for One


    Includes Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp

  • Vegetarian Fajitas for Two


  • Chicken Fajitas for Two


  • Hawaiian Fajitas for Two


  • Steak Fajitas for Two


  • Shrimp Fajitas for Two


  • Mixed Fajitas for Two


    Includes Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp

  • Nacho Style Option


    In place of tortillas and cheese on the side. get a plate of our housemade tortilla chips with melted muenster cheese to build your very own fajita nacho creation.

Mexican Favorites

Substitute Shrimp, Steak, or Barbacoa for $2

  • Flautas


    Five fried rolled tacos stuffed with your choice of one filling, potato-zucchini hash. chicken. pork or beef. Topped with shredded lettuce. salsa verde. crema. queso fresco. smoked com. tomato and cilantro.

  • Chimichanga


    Giant stuffed burrito deep-fried. with pinto beans and rice. muenster cheese. choice of - potato-zucchini hash. chicken. pork or ground beef. Topped with shredded lettuce. diced tomatoes. crema. and spicy salsa verde.

  • Sopes


    Two com meal (masal patties loaded with black beans. shredded carnitas pork. muenster cheese. pickled onions and cilantro. Served with rice and street corn.

  • Huevos Rancheros


    two soft com tortillas topped with black beans. fried eggs. rojas sauce. queso fresco and cilantro. Served with rice

  • Tamales


    Three house made tamales served in the husk with our famous rojas sauce. Served with rice and beans. Ask your server for the daily tamale choices.

  • Tostadas


    Two crispy tortillas topped with black beans. muenster cheese. lettuce. tomato. cilantro. and crema. Served with rice.

    Add chicken, beef or pork for $2.00
  • Chile Rellenos


    Our house specialty! Smoked poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and your preferences, dipped in egg white and dusted in flour and pan fried. Filling choices:

    • chicken
    • camitas pork
    • beef
    • potato-zuchinni hash

    Two Chiles - $12.99
  • Pollo Milanesa


    Tender file! of chicken breast pounded thin and hand coated in seasoned breadcrumbs then pan fried and topped with pico de gallo, cucumber and radish.

    Get it "con queso style" (melted muenster) for $1.00 more
  • El Gordo Bastardo


    Our chimichanga taken to the extreme. Choose your chimichanga (pork, chicken, beef or potato zucchini hash), then we add a heap of our house made chorizo sausage, grilled peppers and onions, and top it with melted muenster cheese. Finally we top it all off with spicy salsa verde, lettuce, tomato, and crema.

  • Huevos Con Chorizo


    Three eggs scrambled with our house made chorizo sausage. Served with rice, refried beans, pico de gallo. Choice of tortillas and sliced avocado.

    Add fajita peppers and onions. $1.00

Steak & Seafood Entrees

All entrees served with choice of flour or corn tortillas. Spicy dishes are cooked to order and can be modified to your preference.

  • Puerco a la Diabla


    Our Carnitas pork sautéed and simmered in a spicy sauce with chipotle peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Served with rice, beans, and guacamole salad. Can be cooked to order for spiciness.

  • Camarones A la Diabla


    Shrimp sautéed and simmered in a spicy sauce with chipotle peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Served with rice, beans. and guacamole salad. Can be cooked to order for spiciness.

  • Gringo Steak


    A grilled 10 oz. Hanger Tender Steak (aka the butcher’s cut known for its tenderness) topped with a sauté of onions, roasted mushrooms and red wine reduction. Served with spicy slaw, and street corn.

  • Spicy Pan Seared Tilapia


    Pan seared tilapia coated in a spicy blackening seasoning topped with fresh mango salsa and cool cilantro aioli. Served with rice, beans and guacamole salad.

  • Surf and Turf


    A grilled 10 oz hanger steak rubbed with Mexican spices, topped with a seared jumbo shrimp skewer marinated with honey and lime. Served with your choice of two sides.

  • Chipotle Broiled Salmon


    A flaky Norwegian Salmon filet topped with out housemade chipotle sauce and broiled in the oven. Served on a bed of spring mix with sliced avocado on top, pico de gallo, black beans and rice.

  • Honey Lime Shrimp Skewers


    Skewers of shrimp seared on the grill with honey, lime and cilantro. Served over a bed of rice, with pico de gallo, spring mix and sliced avocado.

  • Mexican Spiced Seared Tuna


    Pan seared yellow fin tuna steak with a house blend of Mexican spices topped with fresh mango salsa. Served with black beans, rice, and guacamole salad.

Sweet Endings

  • Housemade Flan


  • Fried Oreos


    Served with vanilla ice cream

  • Ypsi Food Co-op Bakery Fresh Cheese Cake


    Ask for daily selections.

  • Fried Ice Cream Sundae


    Honey, Chocolate, or Caramel.

  • Scoop of Vanilla


    with choice of Honey, Chocolate, or Caramel and whipped cream.

Maiz Lunch Specials

Available Monday-Friday until 3 pm. Ask your server for today’s specials not listed here. Add $1.00 to substitute sides for House Salad

  • Mini Nachos


    Beef, Pork, or Chicken

  • Huevos Rancheros and Rice


  • Breakfast Burrito


    Chorizo, scrambled eggs, fajita veggies, tomato

  • Double Decker Tostada


    Beef, Pork, or Chicken

  • Dos Tacos (Carnitas or American Style)


    choice of 2 sides - Rice, Beans, or Street Corn

  • Dos Enchiladas


    Beef, Pork, or Chicken - choice of 2 sides - Rice, Beans, or Street Corn

  • Half Mango Grilled Chicken Salad or Taco Salad and Bowl of Soup


  • Dos Tacos (Pescado or Carne Asada)


    choice of 2 sides – Rice, Beans or Street Corn

  • Maiz Lunch Combo


    Pick any three tacos or enchiladas, choice of 1 side - Rice, Beans, or Corn

    add $1.00 for Steak or Fish Taco
  • Substitute sides for House Salad or Soup